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Mission Statement:


To support the whole singing artist - body, mind, and spirit

~ Ellen Crossley

My Story:


"Hello, singers!  Thank you so much for stopping by, and welcome!  


With many incredible years of singing in bands (corporate cover bands, original artist backup singer, my own original projects), I can't explain the joy and adventures that singing and the music industry have brought me.  


Along the way, I have also met and worked with incredibly talented musicians who have not only inspired me and taught me so much but who have also become some of my best and longest friend relationships.  These bands and projects have taken me to incredible locations, festivals, and venues, and we have been a part of many people's special occasions and milestone events.  What this industry gives back to my heart is unmeasurable.

Also, being a singer in this industry for all these years, I have been through my own ups and downs and had to push through and navigate various hurdles and learning curves to continue to develop to reach my goals.   Like anything worth working for, a vocal journey takes time, dedication, patience, and finding learning options and coaches that are a fit for you.


That being said, I  want to share with you my network, my community, and the skill set that I have built to help YOU reach YOUR singing goals.  If you want to develop your voice simply for your own singing joy or if you want to prepare for live performance or recording, I would love to support you in your vocal journey!  



Let's woodshed and let's have some fun!~"


Coaching highlights:

  • Learn about proper breath support, vocal warm-ups, vocal workouts, and cool downs

  • Build range and learn about contemporary vocal registers, with vocal health being foremost

  • Learn about "whole" mind and body health

  • Gentle, kind, and emotional support in working through blocks or stage fright, helping you build confidence and how to prepare for your performance or just better your skills for the pure love of singing

  • Songwriting support (resources to help develop your song)

  • Having fun! Customized artist development to make sure you are reaching your goals and enjoying the whole process

  • Convenient online lesson options



  • Over 25 years singing in working bands across Canada and overseas

  • Berklee "Voice 101" and "Pop and Rock Vocals" courses completed with honours 

  • Certificate - Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy 

  • Certificate - New Science Of Singing - John Henny

  • John Henny Music Academy - Associate Teacher 

  • Completed “Access” Course hosted by Catch The Moon Music for songwriting for sync (TV, film, and commercial)

  • Continued Studies with "Song Writing For Guitar"

  • Continued Studies with "Produce Like A Boss"

  • Continued Studies with "Production Music Master Class" (for sync focussed production)

  • Continued study with Contemporary Voice Teacher Academy

  • Completed studies and courses with  "Female Musician Academy"


Current Bands and Projects

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Ellen Crossley - John Henny Certified.jpg
Ellen Crossley - Backup singing for Phonosonics
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