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Vox-Straws are an excellent SOVT (Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract) phonation exercise tool for singers, speakers, teachers, and all voice users.

Vox-Straws can be used for vocal warm-ups, as part of your vocal workout, and in vocal rehabilitation. Comfortable to use and 

convenient to take anywhere. 

Vocal Warm-up

  • Safely and effectively warm up the voice


  • Vox-Straws are a convenient size to take with you to gigs, recording sessions and speaking events

Vocal Workout

  • Build flexibility and breath control

  • Reduce vocal tension and condition the voice

Safe and Comfortable

  • Vox-Straws are made of food-grade silicone

  • Comfortable to use due to flexible material 

Vocal Rehabilitation

  • Help create healthy resonance, proper placement, and optimal resistance

  • Maintain vocal health 

Vox-Straws Package

  • Package includes six singing straws (3X5mm and 3X3mm,) cleaning brush, and a drawstring bag 

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